What replacement vehicle would I get?

Heart Claims operates by having access to a large number of fleets nationwide. We provide a similar standard replacement vehicle to the vehicle which is damaged, without any disruptions.

How soon will I get the hire vehicle?

We aim to provide these services within the same day. Once you have provided us with the information and security documentation that we need, we intend to deliver the replacement vehicle to your doorstep within the same day (subject to claim acceptance).

Are you claiming through my own insurance?

Due to only dealing with non fault accidents, we do not claim through your own insurance. We intend to recover all losses through the faulty drivers insurance with the assistance of your cooperation throughout the claim process.

Can I use your repair network?

We have a great repair network nationwide which are manufactured and insurance approved. We assure that your vehicle will be repaired to the highest possible standard.

Do I have to pay anything?

If you are involved in a non fault accident, you are not liable for any costs. As these are recovered from the faulty drivers insurance (subject to non-fraudulence and fundamental dishonesty).

Does my no-claims bonus affected by the claims ?

As long as you are not fault for the accident and not claiming from your own insurance policy, your no claims bonus will not be affected.

Does your vehicle insured with comprehensive policy or I have to use my own policy to hire your vehicle ?

All of our vehicle comes with fully comprehensive cover with minimum excess.

Can Insure my family member with your hire vehicle ?

If you existing policy or accidental vehicle policy covers your family member, then yes you can add your family member with our vehicle. Please speak to our member of staff and request this information before or after delivering the vehicle.

Can you deliver the hire car to me?

We do delivery and pick service for all of our hire vehicle, our chauffeur or recovery driver will drop you the hire vehicle with all the relevant paperwork’s you might required for your permit or business use purpose, and will pick up from you too.

Can you help me uploading document on my work apps?

We face this issue with most taxi driver who can not upload the documents on their app, we will provide you document prior vehicle delivery, if you still having issue with uploading documents on your work application please ask our delivery driver who will assist you with uploading documents. Or alternatively speak to our member of staff they will assist you.